You don’t become a scuba diver without education.  But it doesn’t stop once you get certified.  Although we do encourage advancing your certification to that you have the tools you need to expand your dive adventures, it’s not just about the formal training.  The more you dive, the more you learn about yourself.  You discover things about your dive profile, the equipment you prefer, the places you like and even things you never realized before about your body.  The equipment you first buy as a new diver often give way to new equipment that you come to discover gives you a much more pleasant dive experience or better matches the type of diving and locations you prefer.  You also learn more about the underwater environment you dive in.  It’s one thing to read about how sharks or turtles or eels behave, but it’s quite another to actually be there and observe first-hand.  While certainly not as much of a thrill-seeking adventures as diving some tropical reef system, diving in fresh water lakes can also provide you hours of ad hoc learning.  We encourage divers to dive often, dive different locations, and absorb as much as possible in the process.  Your learning and awareness can not only help the underwater ecosystem, but it inevitably gives you great stories to share!