August Balmorhea After-Trip Report

Terra and Rob celebrated their 24th anniversary weekend with a dive trip to Balmorhea State Park.  This seems to have become a tradition now, and this year did not disappoint.  Surprisingly, the park wasn’t as packed as it normally is this time of year, but there were of course the expected dive classes going on.  There was a particularly large group of youth getting certified, and it was great to see the dive community expanding with so many at a younger age.  There was also another encounter with the “purvey turtle”, although not nearly so dramatic this time.  It was a nice, relaxing time, but it was a shame that none of the local Del Rio divers decided to come along.  We really can’t stress enough that it’s diving that makes you a diver—not a C card.  (Note: For anyone interested in the camera used for the pictures below, it was the Sea Life DC1400 Pro Duo–and amazing camera!)

SeaLife DC1400 SeaLife DC1400 SeaLife DC1400 SeaLife DC1400 SeaLife DC1400 SeaLife DC1400