This Guy Who Dives

TGWDepisodeThe original Two Guys Who Dive netcast began in January of 2012 as a bit of an experiment.  The two most prolific divers in the area, ScubaDog (Rob Wade) and Scuba Bob (Robert Garza), had toyed around with ideas to increase awareness of the sport that would also be fun.  When they finally settled on the idea of a live streaming netcast it sparked a considerable amount of work.  What was already being used as a home music studio was renovated and updated with some new equipment that could support video podcasts.  It’s been a learning experience for both, in terms of format and in terms of technology, and you can see the gradual progress made over the first year if you view the netcasts on YouTube.

This show is not just about scuba diving, but includes topics of local, regional and national interest, frequently involving technology and some politics (particularly if it affects the dive industry).  Viewers are invited to participate in the chat room while the show is live and encouraged to subscribe to the YouTube channel to catch the shows afterward.

In 2014 Scuba Bob had to leave the show due to some other challenges, facilitating a slight re-tooling of the program and a minor name change.  You can see This Guy Who Dives on its new night — Sundays at 8pm Central — and at its new location (Facebook Live) at

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